Saturday, 30 August 2008

Ed Geicek - September 2008

Stickers from Ed in Arlington WA. He says -" Hope on of these X-Game collectors items will fit on the old wheelie bin! If not just toss them aside for the next pick up! May you and your binzz stay forever young!"

Friday, 29 August 2008

Ruggero Maggi - 25th August 2008

Some anti-alien stickers from Ruggero in Milan in Italy. He says "Have some stickers for your gallery!". His website is HERE. He also sends a stunning 3-D ant postcard.

Jokie X. Wilson - 24th August 2008

A bunch of san Francisco Pride stickers from Jokie in San~Francisco.

Jonathan Stangroom - 19th August 2008

Jonathan handed these stickers to me personally when we visited him and his lovely partner Sylvia in Boston last week. Two were made by Fa Ga Ga Ga I think.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Mim - August 12th 2008

Mim from Richmond VA U.S.A. sent more stickers and a note that says - " The boards one is from a former art student of mine whom I accidentally met up with recently. It's fun to see what they end up doing."

Noticed some stickers are being nibbled at the corners. First I thought it was the garbage men or kids going to school but realise after seeing a big snail chewing away today that it must be slugs and snails having a midnight feast of mail art!"

Find Mim HERE and HERE.

Charmot Art - August 12th 2008

Another sticker from Denis in France who made one from a photo on this blog. Also his new project HERE.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Alan Brignull - 2nd August 2008

Nice packet of goodies today from Adanaland . Alan sent some lovely Rambling Urchin postcards and article from Matrix 27 publication about his work with Hedgehog Press etc. Nice set of Women of Adanaland postage stamps and this great sticker - woodblock on Fablon!

Alan says- " Thanks for the wonderful Adanalandish GPO cards. Those were the days! Now there are so many issues that I have to tell the PO counter staff when they are being issued so that they can fetch them out of the safe!"