Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Angela Behrendt - 25th June 2008

Stickers and sewn stamp from Angela in Germany. She writes- "Here are four stickers from the first solo exhibition from my son Daniel, and two stickers from me."

Monday, 23 June 2008

Ex Posto Facto - 21st June 2008

Julie of Ex Posto facto fame in Texas sent a bunch of stickers and some great stamps. In a note she writes -" I've been finding stickers everywhere. I hope some of these are waterproof and lovely on your bin." They look great Julie- see for yourself.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Denis Charmot - 2oth June 2008

Denis sent some of his own stickers from France today.
You can find his website HERE.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Peter Dowker - 19th June 2008

Peter Dowker sent a pile of stickers from Canada. You can visit his blog HERE.

Creative Thing - 19th June 2008

Creative Thing (AKA Leslie Caldera) in Los Angeles, sent me a nice collaged card for my birthday (tomorrow) and added a sticker for the bin.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Mim - 14th June 2008

From Mim in Richmond VA. She writes - " I, too, trained as a painter/printmaker. Nowadays I make collages using found paper and digital photography. I love participating in mail art calls and have sent stuff to the Sorting Office. Here are some stickers for your wheelie - Skulladay & The Ghost of Mankind are my son's creations. He's in NYC right now to get a webby award."

C. Mehrl Bennett - 14th June 2008

A colourful bumper sticker from C. Mehrl Bennett in Columbus OH. Also enclosed- "Use A Random Idea - Open your mind to things that have nothing to do with the idea you are developing. Pick out the third word on page 134 of the dictionary - "broom" - how does this relate to what you are doing? What similarities does it have with your idea? Can you use it as a metaphor? Look out your window and find the first thing that has blue in it - "fishing float". How does it shed light on your idea? What random idea can you use to stimulate your thinking?"

Monday, 9 June 2008

Jamie Newton - 9th June 2008

Jamie Newton sent 6 stickers he had made himself. In an enclosed not he writes-" A couple (Probably not waterproof ) stickers. I tried this on waterproof stock but, surprise, the ink wouldn't stick). This is your bin's photo stuck to our bin, photographed and back your way."

Keith A. Bucholz - 7th June 2008

Keith sent four stickers from St. Louis U.S.A. "...for the cause!"

Friday, 6 June 2008

Roland Halbritter - 6th June 2008

Roland in germany has sent some DHL stickers with added rubber stampings. I'm not sure how good they will stick as the adhesive is in narrow strips and really meant for parcels. I will try one and see how it fairs in the rain.

Discover Roland's blogs HERE.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Johannes J. Musolf - 3rd. June 2008

From Germany today - an envelope of stickers from Johannes who says " Here I send the horse and some of my stickers I have enlarged for you. I'm waiting to find the stickers on your bin." So here they are.

Treena Markland - 3rd. June 2008

Nice assorted pack of stickers made by Treena arrived today. Some rubber stamped with clear plastic film stuck over the top and some not. She has enclosed some clear sticky backed plastic for me to use. Also some cute commercial stickers and the bits leftover. Treena says in enclosed notelet ": I have fractured my elbow and my arm is sore...I feel wonky butI'm slowly getting back into things." Get well soon Treena!

Some of Treena's stickers on the wheelie bin.