Monday, 16 June 2008

C. Mehrl Bennett - 14th June 2008

A colourful bumper sticker from C. Mehrl Bennett in Columbus OH. Also enclosed- "Use A Random Idea - Open your mind to things that have nothing to do with the idea you are developing. Pick out the third word on page 134 of the dictionary - "broom" - how does this relate to what you are doing? What similarities does it have with your idea? Can you use it as a metaphor? Look out your window and find the first thing that has blue in it - "fishing float". How does it shed light on your idea? What random idea can you use to stimulate your thinking?"


C Mehrl Bennett said...

The "Use a Random Idea" xerox is just one copy of many that I had on hand... and you should know that I didn't make that flyer, some other mail artist did it and I don't remember who. Pick a Random Person... maybe they did it!

wastedpapiers said...

Was it Blaster?

C Mehrl Bennett said...

Could've been Al, yah!